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News – Thursday, February 16, 2006[edit | edit source]

EviL Wins Match 2

The Valandor tried a risky move, splitting their team before 2 minutes had elapsed in the game. EviL responded by capitalizing on Val's reduced numbers and pushed through the front door, forcing Val to regroup. EviL was able to beat them in a straight-up fight, and pushed through to victory at about the 8 minute mark.

EviL Wins 1st Game

The Last Pride (EviL) won the first game of the Match 2 of the GWWC. It was a well-fought match, with a lot of back and forth and not a single death until the 13-minute mark. At that point, EviL made a good push and dropped both of Val's Monks. EviL then continued the push and killed a few of the NPC's in Val's base. Val ressed and pushed EviL out of the base, resulting in more combat just outside of Val's base. EviL got a series of good kills, pushed into the base, and killed the Guild Lord at about the 22 minute mark.

LuM Claims Victory in Match No. 1

After a short period between games for guild discussion of builds and strategy, both LuM and Te swapped out builds for the final game of Match No. 1. Te went with a spike build using a large number of Mesmers, and LuM was able to counter the build quickly. At 9:30, LuM took the victory, which moves them on to the next level of the competition, where they will face War Machine in Round 3, which takes place tomorrow.

Te Wins Second Game

Treacherous Empire claims victory just minutes past the VoD mark in the second game of the match. Te was running a heavy Degen build and put constant pressure on LuM the whole game. LuM retreated back to their base and went into a defensive posture, but took heavy losses at the mid-point in the match. LuM tried to make some pushes, but never was able to get solid grounding, and Te crushed them at about the 33-minute mark.

1st Match Game 1 Report

LuM took a victory in the initial match of the GWWC after a comeback at the Victory or Death point. After suffering a deficit in Morale for the entire match, VoD served as the turning point in the tides of this battle. At the 35 minute mark, as the Guild Lord rushed the center, LuM massed their attack on the Guild Lord, brining the match to an end at about 38 minutes.

For all matches, the 9th spot on each team is filled by our referees, who are actively viewing each match to assure that everything is progressing appropriately, and are there to provide the camera for those observing the match live on the big screen.

Weekly Screenshot

Another Guild Wars Factions screenshot is available today for your enjoyment. This image features a view of the Petrified Forest, a distinctive region within Cantha. Find the screenshot on this link.

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