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News – Thursday, February 23, 2006[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Week

This week's Guild Wars Factions screenshot is of combat in the Nahpui Quarter, part of the urban region of Cantha. Find the screenshot on this link.

Press Release

Following up on the Guild Wars World Championship, today's press release from ArenaNet and NCsoft announces the winner of the GWWC and provides information on the next tournament, the Guild Wars Factions World Championship. The Last Pride was crowned world champion on February 19th, and the next opportunity for a Guild Wars guild to start the climb towards a similar rank kicks off on March 7th, with the start of the Guild Wars Factions championship season. Find the details on the GWWC here and read about the Guild Wars Factions World Championship in today's press release, with details provided on this page as well.

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