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News – Friday, April 28, 2006[edit | edit source]

New In-Game Movie

A new Factions movie is available for you now. The film shows the land of Cantha and many of its inhabitants, both valiant and venal. Find the movie in three choices of resolution in our Video Section.

Guild Wars Factions is Live!

The retail servers are live; your journey to Cantha may begin. Start your exploration of the new continent, create your new Assassins and Ritualists, and savor your first taste of the release version of Factions now. Pop in your CD or order your online access key and come and join us in Cantha!

Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition Availability

Due to unexpected production delays, the initial batch of Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition will be shipping in North America on May 4 rather than the scheduled release date of April 28. We are working with select retailers such as GameStop and Electronics Boutique for in-store availability on Friday, May 5.

While this first supply of the Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition is limited in quantity, production is underway for a second run and we expect those to ship in the U.S. on June 30, 2006.

The teams at ArenaNet and NCsoft sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your patience while we work on a solution that will get the Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition to you as soon as possible.

For details on availability in Europe, please visit

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