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News – Wednesday, May 3, 2006[edit | edit source]

Factions Collector's Edition Gift

Factions CE buyers, we have great news! To show our appreciation for your support and patience as you wait for your CE to arrive, we decided yesterday afternoon to create a special Collector's Edition Thank You Gift. When you activate your Factions Collector's Edition access key, you will receive an in-game gift box containing a miniature of the dragon Kuunavang! Double click the box to reveal your miniature dragon. The gift will be one per account and will function like a Birthday Miniature. That is, they will be tradable, sellable (for in-game currency only!), or exchangeable between your characters. You will find your gift on the first character you bring into the game after we are able to implement this feature. We anticipate we will have these gifts ready within the next 10 days. And don't worry – all who purchase a Collector's Edition will receive a Thank You Gift!

Factions Fandango

The Guild Wars Team celebrated the launch of Factions with a party in the studio on the night that kicked off the Head Start Event. You can get a look at a few pictures from the party in our Photo Album.

State of the Game Article

We've posted a new State of the Game article in our Competitive Section. You can look for these articles on a weekly basis. In the future they will be published each Monday; however, you can find this week's article today, instead.

Weekly Wallpaper

This Wednesday's desktop image captures a climactic instant in the Guild Wars Factions cinematic, the moment when Kurzick and Luxon unite to perform an act of unquestionable justice. You'll find a choice of ratios and resolutions on this link.

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