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News – Thursday, May 4, 2006[edit | edit source]

Miniature Kuunavang Revealed!

The Factions Collector's Edition is continuing to ship on schedule, as mentioned in our April 28th news post. In the meantime, players worldwide are chomping at the bit to see the wonderful Factions Collector's Edition Thank You Gift: The miniature dragon, Kuunavang. Click here for a screenshot. And read yesterday's news post for more information about this special item.

The E3 Challenge: Schedules Set

The E3 Challenge is a series of guild-versus-guild matches that will take place next week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. You can find out which guilds have thrown down the gauntlet, and when their matches will be taking place, on this page.

Weekly Match Reports Begin

Catch the first of a weekly series of battle reports on GvG matches between high-level guilds in our Match Report Section. The first account features two high-level European guilds, Esoteric Warriors and Rus Corp. You'll be able to catch these reports on Fridays in the future, when they will provide some thought-provoking reading as you head towards a weekend of gaming.

Screenshots: Factions Guild Halls

We thought you'd enjoy seeing a few shots of the four new guild halls for Factions. Head over to the Gallery to take a gander at a trio of shots from each hall, or click through this link.

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