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News – Friday, May 19, 2006[edit | edit source]

ATI Contest!

Our partners at ATI are offering great prizes for a new contest based on a popular Guild Wars theme. If you submit the winning name in the weekly Name the Monster contest, you stand to win some great prizes, including a brand new video card! Find all the details here.

GuildWiki note: the contest is open only to US and Canadian residents.

And speaking of contests, the winners of the Factions Guild Emblem Contest will be announced on Wednesday of next week, and each will receive a special bonus prize: The two E3 skill pins!

Weekly Match Report

This week's match report covers a battle between two Top 20 Guild Wars guilds. The article captures an interesting moment in time, as guilds begin to incorporate new strategies available with the release of Factions. Read all about it here.

And to double your reading pleasure, find a second match report covering a meeting between two high-ranking guilds in the days immediately prior to the ladder lockdown and the start of the GWFC 2nd Season Playoffs. Locate that report on this page.

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