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News – Tuesday, May 23, 2006[edit | edit source]

EvIL vs. Wi Match Report

We've added a new match report to the Competitive Articles Section. Offering an interesting first-person perspective, the article covers the exciting match between The Last Pride and Black Widow which took place in the first round of the GWFC Seasonal Playoffs. Find the report here.

Guild Emblem Winners Chosen

The votes have been tallied and the winners are chosen. From more than a thousand entries, coming from every corner of the world, we have the full list of winners, honorable mentions, and related images, too! Find all this on our Factions Guild Emblem Contest Page.

Guild Wars Tops Charts

Today's press release from ArenaNet and NCsoft confirms what you may already have known: Guild Wars Factions is the topmost game on the PC charts for North America and Europe! Read the press release for details.

Guild of the Week #49

This week's featured guild has a home on, and is named for, one of our fine fansites. Guild Wars Latino members formed a guild years ago, and found renewed life in Guild Wars. Read about the group, and some of their preferred builds, in this week's GotW.

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