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News – Tuesday, May 30, 2006[edit | edit source]

Skill Updates Planned

As the 3rd Season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship gets underway, we've planned a significant number of skill updates for the various Guild Wars professions. You can read about the skill updates now on this page, and the updates will be incorporated into the game later this week.

Ladder Restart; GWFC Season 3 Begins

The Guild Wars tournament ladder will be restarting for the third season of the GWFC series at 08:00 GMT on May 30. Be sure to watch the best guilds compete for a slot in the Season 3 Playoffs. These final playoffs will determine the five guilds that have earned the most GWFC points and a trip to Leipzig, Germany to compete in the Guild Wars Factions Championship!

State of the Game

This week's State of the Game article delves into the topic of creating a great Guild-versus-Guild build. Get some tips about putting together a powerhouse team in the new article.

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