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News – Wednesday, May 31, 2006[edit | edit source]

Match Report: Season 2 Finals

The all-European finale of the second season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship resulted in victory for Esoteric Warriors, moving them one step closer to the finals in Leipzig. We offer a match report of the 2-1 seasonal playoffs finals here.

GWFC Highlight Movies

The quarter finals of the GWFC Season 2 Playoffs offered several exciting matches. You can watch highlight movies from those four matches in our Competitive Section.

Guild of the Week #50

Guild of the Week reaches the half-century mark with a feature on a role-playing guild with an interesting guild history to share. Find out about Orphans Of Kukai on this page.

Weekly Wallpaper

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for a new wallpaper! This week's image is another based on Factions concept art. Refresh your work space, rearrange your icons, and can catch a new desktop image, in a choice of ratios and resolutions, on this link.

Semi-Final Match Report

Last weekend saw the semi-finals and the finals of the Guild Wars Factions Championship playoffs. You can catch a match report on one battle—the War Machine and Irresistible Blokes face-off—in today's match report.

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