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News - Sunday, July 9, 2006[edit | edit source]

EvIL Wins; Seeding Set

The Last Pride, reigning GWWC champion, has fought to victory against War Machine in the finals of the GWFC, claiming the title of Season #3 winner. For seeding at the finals in Leipzig, the GWFC points page reveals the following: War Machine will be the first seed and The Last Pride will be the second. Esoteric Warriors and Irresistible Blokes are tied for third/fourth, which places Sacrament of the Waooru as the fifth seed. Naturally, the winner of next weekend's Open Event will be the sixth seed at Leipzig.

Final Five

Season #3 of the Guild Wars Factions Championship approaches its conclusion. Congratulations are in order to these five guilds, who are assured a spot in the GWFC Finals in Leipzig, Germany: Esoteric Warriors (Europe), Irresistible Blokes (Europe), The Last Pride (Korea), Sacrament of the Waooru (Japan), and War Machine (Korea). Sacrament of the Waaru earned their place through victory in the Season #3 Tie-Breaker. Now, be sure to stay tuned, because next weekend, the GWFC Open Event will take place and that lucky winner will win the sixth seat in Leipzig!

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