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News - Friday, July 14, 2006[edit | edit source]

Season #3 Movies

The GWFC Open is underway and the competition is fierce! As you know, five teams are already slated for the finals. If you'd like to catch a few highlight movies from the early rounds of the Season #3 Playoffs, check out our Match Videos section.

GWFC Update

As we enter the Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event this weekend, we must report that the Japanese guild, Sacrament of the Waooru [SotW], has decided to decline their invitation to attend the Guild Wars Factions Championship event in Leipzig, Germany. Due to scheduling conflicts, the guild was unable to field a full eight-player roster. In the spirit of healthy competition they have decided to give up their seat to the guild with the next highest point total, Treacherous Empire [Te], hailing from the United States.

Here is a statement issued by Sacrament of the Waooru:

"The Championship is the highest tournament of Guild Wars, and the best six guilds should participate in the championship. The matches will be exciting, wonderful, and instructive. And if we attempt to compete with henchmen, we will betray the players and easily lose. We want the tournament to be the best!"

We are saddened that Sacrament of Waooru has decided to withdraw from the event, but applaud their gracious sense of fair play. Look for an announcement next week with the winner of this weekend's GWFC Open and the full Guild Wars Factions Championship line up!

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