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News - Tuesday, July 18, 2006[edit | edit source]

New Game Announced; Special Event Planned

In a press release issued today, you can read details from ArenaNet and NCsoft about the third game in the Guild Wars saga. Guild Wars Nightfall will present two new professions—the Dervish and the Paragon—and will offer "a Guild Wars game unlike any players have seen before". And in the same announcement, you can read plans for an exciting PvP event, scheduled to begin July 28th. Find details in today's press release.

GWFC Guild Interviews

We're kicking off a series of interviews with the guilds who will be participating in the Guild Wars Factions Championship in Leipzig, Germany, next month. The first interview is with Idiot Savants [iQ] and offers insight into last weekend's exciting Open Event. We will be adding many additional interviews during the next few weeks, so keep your eye on the GWFC Section for the latest word from the championship guilds.

Guild of the Week

This week's feature guild is Mostly Harmless, a consistent top-performer on the Guild Wars Ladder. Read about the guild as a whole, meet a few of their members, and catch a couple of build ideas in the new GotW.

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