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News - Thursday, July 27, 2006[edit | edit source]

In-Game Trophy

Check out the Temple of Balthazar to see the sparkly new in-game trophy that commemorates the winner of the Guild Wars World Championship. The trophy allows you to read about the guild's various accomplishments and it lists the tournament team member names, as well. This is an example of an exciting option that will be expanded in the future.

The Scribe #8

This week's news scroll offers word on new visitors to Cantha and Tyria, commends the kindly, and suggests that guilds may have a few new decorative options in the near future. Get your copy of the The Scribe today.

Tournament Rules Revised; GenCon Update

The Universal Guild Wars Tournament Rules have been greatly expanded to include many exciting new types of Guild Wars tournament gameplay. You can find the rules here. These expanded rules include information about our upcoming GenCon tournament event, and you can read all the details of that event on the GenCon Page.

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