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News - Thursday, August 24, 2006[edit | edit source]

Updated Match Schedule

The Bad news: this morning’s technical issues lead to the cancellation of today’s GWFC matches, and we have had to reschedule all the games that were due to take place over the next few days. The Good news: we finally have an updated version of the match schedule for you, and the first game will start tomorrow morning at 7:15 GMT.

Guild Wars Nightfall Release Date Announced

Announced today from the floor of the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, ArenaNet and NCsoft announce the global release date for Guild Wars Nightfall. Read more about the Guild Wars Nightfall and both the Standard and Collector’s Editions in today’s press release.

GWFC Playoff Update

Due to technical issues, we have postponed the start of the Guild Wars Factions Championship until tomorrow, Friday, August 25. We will update the GWFC Schedule as soon as we have the times of the matches, but most likely they will begin immediately in the morning (German time) on Friday. We look forward to the start of the event, and hope you’ll enjoy viewing the matches on Observer Mode!

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