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News - Monday, August 28, 2006[edit | edit source]

Team UAX Wins the PAX 10k Arena!

Our second report from the Penny Arcade Expo has just arrived, with pictures! Be sure to check out the report to see which team won the 10k Arena, and see some pictures of the event.

Trip Report #4

We have a new GC Leipzig trip report, fourth in a series of five. This one covers the final day of the competitive matches, the awards presentation, and the booth party afterwards. Did the guilds get to experience a new form of "competitive" games? When is a bathtub not for bathing? Find out here.

State of the Game: GvG Defense

In guild vs. guild battles, it’s always important to play your role in defending your guild. Learn some tips on the different roles each profession plays in this week's State of the Game.

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