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News - Tuesday, August 29, 2006[edit | edit source]

More from Guild Wars at PAX

Our PAX photo gallery is now bursting at the seams with new images! We’ve also got the full roster of teams that won prizes in the 10k Arena, and interviews from a Live Event player, an NPC and one of our 10k Arena tournament teams.

Heroes Ascent Extended Weekend Event!

Come and claim your fame in Heroes Ascent during this Labor Day weekend’s special event! For the first time in the history of Heroes Ascent, participants will face off against each other in smaller teams of six, earning double fame along the way! To add to the fun, this exciting extended event will begin at Noon PDT on Friday, September 1st and will run all the way until Noon PDT on Tuesday, September 5th! Be sure to join us in Heroes Ascent this weekend and take advantage of that extra time to rack up your fame!

Guild of the Week

This week we feature a guild that pre-dates Guild Wars itself! With over three hundred members across several MMORPGs, The Shadow Knights have certainly found a formula to keeping a family together. Read more about [SK] in this week’s Guild of the Week.

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