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News - Thursday, August 31, 2006[edit | edit source]

PvP Unlock Packs Now Available

Guild Wars players now have the opportunity to purchase PVP Unlock Packs for all Prophecies skills! For $9.99 USD (€8.99, £5.99), you can unlock all of the 70+ Prophecies skills for a single profession. For $39.99 USD (€35.99, £23.99) you can unlock all 450+ Prophecies skills for the 6 professions. Once unlocked, skills can be used by any of your PvP characters. Head to the Guild Wars Official Store to take advantage of this much-requested opportunity .

Final Leipzig Trip Report

We've just posted the final trip report from Games Convention, Leipzig, in our GWFC Section. In this article, Gaile details the events of Community Day at Leipzig and includes a few dozen of her favorite photographs of the event (and sneaks in a few favorite shots from Germany, too). Catch TR #5 here.

The Scribe #12: Bonus Issue

This week The Scribe has written an expanded version of his weekly periodical. You can read about the Guild Wars Factions World Championship and the Guild Emblem Contest from an RP perspective, learn a bit more about the recent addition of new weapons, and gain an introduction to many gracious players who have engaged in acts of generosity and giving. Find it all in Issue 12 of The Scribe.

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