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News - Monday, October 02, 2006[edit | edit source]

Notable Guilds Immortalized

On a new page in our Community Section, we recognize many Guild Wars guilds that have attained one or several noteworthy achievements. The Notable Guilds page cites championship rankings of various guilds, and also records recognition in a Guild of the Week or magazine article, a call out in The Scribe, or a few other unique accomplishments.

State of the Game: Necromancer Study

This week’s article on competitive play takes an in-depth look at the Necromancer in GvG play. The editorial considers the past and looks towards the Necromancer’s future with the coming of Nightfall.

Nightfall Press Previews

Head over to GameSpot to read their new preview of Nightfall, based on a post-World Preview Event interview with Jeff Strain. Catch their impressions of Heroes, quests, and the game world itself right here. In addition, you can read another preview of Nightfall in Game Daily’s Impressions article.

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