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News - Tuesday, October 03, 2006[edit | edit source]

Changes to Heroes' Ascent

In lieu of the previously announced special weekend, we've decided to postpone the "Green Drop Weekend" until next week. This week's big news is the conversation of Heroes' Ascent into a 6v6 map. Yes, one of the most popular events will become a permanent element of the PvP game, along with a lot of exciting map changes, too. This will all go live sometime Friday, so stop on by and check it out. Check back next week for news about the "Green Drop Weekend" (which now promises to be even better)!

Double Green Weekend

This weekend, every boss monster that you slay will be twice as likely to drop a special, or "green," item. The start of this event will be Noon PDT on Friday and the greens will continue to drop at double the normal rate through 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday.

Guild of the Week

The featured guild this week is Heaven's Royal Knights, a group that first formed in 2005. Meet a few of the 61 members, and find some of their PvP strategy tips, in this week's GotW.

GuildWiki notes[edit | edit source]

  • The "Double Green Weekend" announcement was removed from and replaced with the "Changes to Heroes' Ascent" announcement.

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