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News - Tuesday, October 24, 2006[edit | edit source]

Autumn Season Playoffs Review

You can read a summary of the playoffs of the recently-concluded Guild Wars Autumn Season in our Competitive Season. Our writer takes a look at the participants, the format, and the maps, too.

Autumn Season Match Report

We have a match report of the finals of the recently-concluded Guild Wars Autumn Season. The face-off between Idiots Savant and Team Quitter was the culmination of a weekend of play involving Swiss-style tournament action. You can read about the winning team builds and strategies in today’s article.

Tips for Players

We have a short list of key points to help players—new and veteran—keep their accounts safe and sound. Why should you never hint about your hint? What's wrong with using a fake name for your master account? Get the answers, and several other helpful tips, here.

Guild of the Week

This week's guild is Veritas Invictus, a PvE-oriented guild founded 15 months ago by a group of friends who came together on a popular Guild Wars fansite. Meet the guild members and enjoy the TRUE story.

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