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News - Monday, December 18, 2006[edit | edit source]

Xunlai Tournament House Update

We want to thank the nearly 30,000 players who participated in the Xunlai Tournament House last week. The inaugural run during the Winterfest 2006 Playoffs taught us a lot, including how difficult it is to predict winners! As a special "thank you" to everyone who took part and who helped us test the system, all players who registered during the prediction period will receive one free pick of a Wintergreen item, in addition to any picks they earned through accurate predictions. We'll have more news on prize distribution soon.

State of the Game: Positioning and Movement

This week's State of the Game article takes a look at a key component of competitive play: the teamwork and strategy involved in proper positioning and movement for each member of the group. Find general tips, role-specific suggestions, and notes on special situations, as well. Check out the article here.

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