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News - Wednesday, December 20, 2006[edit | edit source]

Party Search Feature Notes

As you know, with the release of the Wintersday Update, a new feature has been added to Guild Wars. The Party Search Feature will make the formation of playing groups fast and easy. Whether a party is a blend of players, henchmen, and Heroes, or an all-player team, this feature will work to ready the group. You'll even travel seamlessly between districts to form a group in the blink of an eye! Read more about this new feature in today's article.

Winterfest Tournament Results Updated

Upon review of the Winterfest 2006 Playoffs, the results of one of the Round 5 matches required alteration due to an inadvertent rules violation. This slightly changed the final standings of the event. Situations like this are not unexpected, and we use the knowledge we gain to refine the system for the future. Watch for an article this Friday explaining future improvements coming to Guild Wars competitive play. And be sure to check and see if you did even better with your Xunlai Tournament House predictions, too!

PvP Primer: Hero Battles & Skill Synergy Pt 2 The second of two articles on Hero Battles and the synergy of skill interaction is available now. In addition to those provided in last week's article, you'll find three more build ideas detailed this week, involving Hexes, Conditions, and Defense. Find the new article here.

EU News[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Winter Party Contests – Winners Announced!

Just in time for Christmas, we found the winners for our Guild Wars Winter Party Contests! For a full list of all winners take a look at the Contest page.

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