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News - Thursday, February 08, 2007[edit | edit source]

Canthan New Year Coming!

This month, we will be observing a new holiday in the Guild Wars world: A festival celebrating the Canthan New Year is coming to Shing Jea Monastery, with a passel of pleasurable pastimes and porcine plentitude for the populace. You can take part in smaller festivities in Kamadan and Lion's Arch, as well. Head over to the Canthan New Year's Festival event page to learn more about this exciting new celebration. We'll see you on February 16th!

The Scribe #33

This week's in-game periodical reports on the upcoming weekend, with special opportunities involving Canthan Elite Missions and Heroes' Ascent, as well. In addition, our reporter calls out new acts of generosity and kindness. Find the latest news here.

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