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News - Friday, February 09, 2007[edit | edit source]

Celestial Tournament Rules Changed

In response to player feedback, we have updated the rules of participation for the Guild Wars Celestial Tournament. Guilds now will be able to offer a roster of up to ten players, instead of eight as previously stated. Please review the rules page to learn more about the changes.

Guild Wars Wins More Awards

PC Gamer Magazine awarded Guild Wars Nightfall its 2006 Awards for Best MMO and Best Value. They cited "gorgeous, engaging environments populated by some of the coolest- and most creative-looking monsters and characters out there." The editors also gave a nod to their favorite game element—the low-level quests—and to the "near-unlimited gameplay for the one-time price of the boxed copy."

The awards reception for the 2006 1UP Awards erupted into chants of “Guild Wars!” just prior to announcement of Guild Wars Nightfall as the Best Online/Multiplayer Game of 2006. 1UP said, “Fans of Guild Wars Nightfall love the multiplayer experience of the game and helped vote it the winner in the Online/Multiplayer category.” Details here.

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