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News - Tuesday, February 13, 2007[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week: Tor

Another guild steps into the spotlight, this one called The Torrencians. This PvP/PvE guild gained its start with a gaming family that had ties to pen and paper RPGs and moved to Guild Wars for its many novel features. Read about Tor in this week's GotW.

EU News[edit | edit source]

Challenge Mission Ladder Opens

We have a new treat in store for those hearty souls who undertake the challenge missions. Today we are opening the new Challenge Mission Ladder. This ladder will present the records of the most skilled challenge mission players. You can find the top 50 combined aggregate scores for players across all challenge missions, or you can view the top score listings by specific player, challenge mission, guild, or Guild Wars campaign. Enjoy the new ladder, and congratulations to those who make it to the top!

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