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News - Tuesday, March 20, 2007[edit | edit source]

Tournament Updates

You can find updates on the results of Rounds 5 and 6, and check out the Round 7 pairings, on the Celestial Tournament Page. In a few hours, we'll update the page to show the aggregate guild standings after six rounds of competitive play, as well.

FoW and UW Access Weekend

Players who have been looking towards The Fissure of Woe or The Underworld with an eye to its challenging gameplay and special loot will be pleased to note that this weekend offers free and open access to both areas. All statues of Grenth and Balthazar located within outposts will be active for characters who are qualified to enter these areas. Access will be at no cost, and will not be tied to a territory holding the Favor of the Gods. This free access will begin at Noon PDT on Friday, and end at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday night.

Guild of the Week: SoT

Read this week's Guild of the Week article to meet a trans-global group of players whose guild focuses on exploration as well as mission and quest completion. Find out about the Scouts of Tyria here.

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