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News - Tuesday, April 3, 2007[edit | edit source]

Match Report: CT Finals

The final games of the Celestial Tournament involved a face-off between two powerhouse guilds: Esoteric Warriors and Team Everfrost. Read about their three-game match, and check out details of their builds and skill use in the CT Finals Match Report.

Celestial Tournament Wrap-Up

With the conclusion of the Celestial Tournament, it's time to take a look back at all that took place during this largest Guild Wars competitive event ever. You can read about the finals, check out the full list of prizes, and learn how this tournament will influence the future, in the Celestial Tournament Wrap-Up.

Guild of the Week: Black Parades

Black Parades is a PvP guild that focuses mainly on combat within Heroes' Ascent. The guild keeps an eye on the metagame while stretching the limits of innovation using a wide range of builds. Read about the guild here.

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