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News - Monday, June 25, 2007[edit | edit source]

June Tournament Results

The June Season of the Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series has come to a close. The winner of the Hero Battles series was X Ekelon X, and Virtual Dragons [vD] took the top prize as the winner of the Guild-versus-Guild playoffs. All of these players have won terrific prizes along with Reward Points that they can use for great in-game rewards. 'Gratz to all who did so well in the June Series. The July Series has just gotten started, so be sure to jump in and show your mettle!

State of the Game: Play Balance Testing

This newest game analysis looks at the recent balance changes and the week of play testing that followed in order to evaluate the immediate consequences of those changes—particularly in regards to Paragons, Defensive Anthem, and Mesmer interrupts. The article also speculates about further developments in the metagame as a result of the updates. Find it here.

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