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News - Friday, August 10, 2007[edit | edit source]

GW:EN Press Event

ArenaNet recently hosted a slew of journalists at the offices in Bellevue. The reporters engaged in in-depth interviews, toured the studio, and got in a bit of hands-on of Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Here are links to some of the reports along with a few meaty comments from the authors:

"ArenaNet has a stellar art department that's able to continually outdo itself with each successive release."
"...they seem to have a pretty good handle on where they want the game to go. Based on what I experienced of the expansion pack, that's a pretty good place, indeed."
"Though it is an expansion, Eye of the North should pack a full game's worth of content."
"Ultimately, Eye of the North will serve as a bridge between Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2..."
"Guild Wars has always looked fantastic, and ArenaNet owes that to the absolutely insane art team they've got."
"The focus is on the play experience. Give players the freedom to do what they want. Players who want a directed experience can grab quests and do that, folks who want to explore can go out and do that."
Find much more on MMOGNation, as well, with Opening Thoughts, GW:EN Guided Tour, and Ben Miller Interview.

Return to Tyria Sweepstakes Winners Announced

We have winners in the Return to Tyria Sweepstakes, for two regions! Find out about who placed, and what they won, on the sweepstakes winners pages for North America and for Europe, as well.

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