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GuildWiki:Advertise your build

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[edit source]

This is a proposed addendum to the proposed policies GW:NOB, GW:PYB, etc.

Under this policy, buildmakers will be encouraged to "advertise" their builds in other sections of the game, by adding them to an "Suggested Builds" section at the bottom of other articles.

Build advertisements would be allowed in certain articles and not in others. Specific guidelines TBA based on discussion, but for starters:

  • Elite Skill articles
  • Boss articles
  • Mission articles
  • Explorable Area articles

How will GuildWiki benefit from this proposal?[edit source]

  • Builds would still be relegated to the user namespace, but would be easy to find by people seeking new ideas.
  • Since "ownership" of an article is not at stake, existing policy should be adequate to cover the posting, deletion, and reversion of advertising additions.
  • At worst, such additions are at the bottom of the page and not interfering with normal use of the article.
  • No voting! (And consequently, significantly less GW:NPA violations among other things)
  • Users will easily be able to browse new build ideas. New buildmakers will have a viable platform for getting their ideas seen.

How do we implement this policy?[edit source]

Simply and organically; when a user creates a build, they add the name of the build to the bottom of appropriate articles. As with any other usage suggestion, the page will be changed as opinions evolve. Over time, more effective builds will rise to the top of the list.