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PvP and PvE are very different types of game in Guild Wars - what works in one can easily fail in the other. The techniques and tactics vary so greatly that our current builds section is becoming unwieldy due to a confusion of builds spanning various different categories.As a first step towards tidying this up it is proposed that the current "Build:" name space is split into two - "PvP Build:" and "PvE Build:". Builds that currently span both categories will be replicated in both build name spaces, allowing for an independent purge in each later on if such is deemed necessary by users. All existing categories will be carried over into their respective new name spaces. Once this split has been carried out vetting policies for both PvP and PvE builds can be proposed and discussed, if it is felt that a change to the current system is required. This policy is simply the first step in the reorganisation of the builds section: it is designed to allow for PvP and PvE builds to develop as best suits the two styles of game play, it is not meant to be a panacea.