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This policy focuses on cleaning up the builds section without actually changing anything. The penalty for not following these basic rules would be a tag, similiar to abandoned, that causes it to be marked for deletion if not cleaned up within three days. If a person can't contribute with basic levels of common sense, why contribute at all? This new tag would basically replace the cleanup tags in the Build: namespace.

Skills and Attributes[edit source]

  • If you have a range for a value, please explain why you might change so.
  • If you have an optional slot, you must give at least two skills to be put in. Saying things like "a self heal" doesn't help and may even worsen the build if the wrong one is put in place.
  • Attribute and skills templates should be used correctly, without typos or mistakes.

Equipment[edit source]

  • List the armor type with the correct name, stating "oh, the kind with +energy", or "whatever floats your boat" is not sufficient.
  • If they do not specify a green they should specify (an) item(s), with mods and upgrades listed.
  • Due to the new stacking runes, each piece of armor should have a rune. Specify five runes in bullet format, i.e.
    • Major Divine Favor Rune
    • Minor Healing Prayers Rune
    • Highest possible Vigor
    • Attunement rune
    • Attunement
The build would be semi-drastically changed if one person used Vitae instead of the two Attunements, resulting in skewered votes.

Usage[edit source]

  • This should be appropriately long, with full detail around the board.
  • State what to do in an emergency, and what your order of operations should be along the lines of targets.

Variants[edit source]

This should have at least two or three minor changes listed, unless all skills work in tandem crucially, which is very rare.

See also[edit source]

This should remain unlisted before someone besides the author mentions one in the talk page, then you can add ones they suggest accordingly. If the author feels one should be added, (s)he can see if people agree to it in the talk page.

Grammar[edit source]

Grammar is an integral part of understanding anything, and should be semi-perfect. Despite that this isn't an english classroom, act like it is. Words should be spelled (not spelt) correctly.

Conclusion[edit source]

This policy would basically change nothing in builds, but it would raise the amount of these same builds being favored, because they are understood. Believe it or not, being able to read a build is important.