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GuildWiki:Featured build candidate/A/E Knock it Off

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[Build:A/E Knock it Off][edit source]

Note: this is part of an experimental run of a new proposed vetting policy.
Proposed: 13 Sept. 2006. Ends: 20 Sept. 2006. Tally: (1/0/0)

Tested this build on 12 Sept. 2006 in both Random Arenas and Team Arenas. Found it to be pretty valid and viable knock lock build for its intended environment. [Build:A/E Falling Shocker], the build it closely resembles (and one with which I have a lot of experience) is better for soloing NPCs in GvG. Energy management was generally not a problem until the third or fourth use of Shock, by which time the match was alredy decided. I have cleaned up the build article to conform to GW:BUILD to the best of my abilities. 00:26, 13 September 2006 (CDT)