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GuildWiki:Featured build candidate/R/A Lunge as One

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[Build:R/A Lunge as One][edit source]

Note: this is part of an experimental run of a new proposed vetting policy.
Proposed: 13 Sept. 2006. Ends: 20 Sept. 2006. Tally: (1/0/0)

I have tested this build on 10, 11 and 12 Sept. 2006 in Alliance Battles. As the build article claims, this build has impressive unaided burst and sustained DPS. The build as stated (which I have cleaned up to conform to GW:BUILD) is certainly valid and viable, but I prefer the variant with Comfort Animal and Blades of Steel. The biggest deficiency of this build in theory is that it has no movement speed boosts, and therefore can appear to rely fairly heavily on serendipitous battlefield conditions. I have not found this to be a major problem in practice because I generally always manage to find targets. I briefly experimented with it in Fort Aspenwood, but found it to be worse than [R/A Repeat Expertise Assassin], my preferred R/A build for the venue. 01:08, 13 September 2006 (CDT)