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Creating a new article on GuildWiki[edit source]

There are several ways to go about it. Here are the two most commonly used ones for new users:

  1. You can type the name of the article you want to start in the search box (that's the one under the menu to the left). Then click "Go". If the article doesn't exist yet, GuildWiki will tell you it cannot be found and offer you several choices. The one you want is called "You can create this page". If you click that link, you'll be taken straight to the editor for your new page.
  2. The other option, is to go to the Sandbox. The Sandbox is where everyone can experiment with editing a page, without worrying about breaking anything. It's great! If you try it, just click the edit link at the top, and go nuts. When you feel you're ready to make your new article, you can make a link to it (even though it doesn't exist yet!) by putting the name of the article you want in brackets, like so: [[My First Article]]. When you click "Save page" your new link will show up in red in the Sandbox. Now all you have to do is click it, and you're at the editor!

Have fun creating your first article. Don't worry too much about getting the formatting just right the first time, someone's bound to come along to help you out. You can use the "Show preview" button as many times as you like first to see how it will look before you save, too.

If you don't feel like jumping straight in, there are more tips and guidelines you could read at GuildWiki:Help. Happy Wikiing!