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GuildWiki:Image attribution project

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Currently, some images on the GuildWiki lack attribution. This is a problem, as it means that we are generally violating copyright law with some images. This project exists to coordinate attribution efforts in a single place.

What images are allowed?[edit source]

The image use policy states which images are allowed to be uploaded. However, since this policy does not really deal with copyright, improving it to be more explicit certainly falls under the scope of this project.

How can I help?[edit source]

This is a massive undertaking, and there are many ways you can assist.

Templates[edit source]

Templates for common attribution cases would be very helpful in speeding up this project's work. These include (but are not limited to):

Of course, you're welcome to name these whatever you like -- if Wikipedia has templates to fill these purposes, you're welcome to port them over. Any templates helpful to this project should be listed here.

Botwork[edit source]

Currently, some images have no text at all. A bot could add an unattributed image template to every image page with no text at all. That would give us a starting point for doing manual, human labor.

Attribution[edit source]

Naturally, this is the meat of the project. Once an unattributed image category is created and populated, people should feel free to claim part of that category and begin either attributing images or flagging them as copyvios.

Any user can list their name and a statement of which images they're working with ("I'm taking Abaddon's Mouth.jpg through Battle Stance.png") below.

Automated list of unattributed images[edit source]

From time to time, ◄mendel► makes a list of images that don't have a license template on their page. The latest list is here.

To view a section of the list as gallery, copy <gallery caption="Sample gallery" widths="100px" heights="100px" perrow="6"> into the list on a line by itself and place </gallery> somewhere below that. The images listed between these two tags will be shown as gallery when you press the Show preview button (don't save your edit!). Don't try to display too many images! At present, you can avoid taxing the server overmuch by making sure to cover only images starting with the same letter, and possibly less than all of those, at that. This will also ensure that you don't die of old age before the page has loaded.

You can copy & paste a chunk of the list to make a list for AWB to use (make list from text file). AWB can (semi-)automatically append text (such as a screenshot template) to any page you choose not to ignore.