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GuildWiki:In case of dispute, take plenty of screenshots

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Summary[edit source]

Specifics[edit source]

Because GuildWiki is open to editing from everyone, it can sometimes be a challenge to verify the truth of a user's claims. In addition, even the most widely known and respected editors make mistakes. When new information is added to an article, it may seem suspicious or unlikely; while we usually try to assume good faith before immediately reverting such edits, a lack of verifiable evidence can make this difficult.

When a dispute over content arises, it should be taken to the talk page. In the case of opinions, there is no such thing as "truth", and therefore finding consensus is about the best that can be done to resolve the issue. On the other hand, in the case of facts, there are ways to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. Peer review - having other editors verify your results by trying to achieve them personally - is one such way, but always open to questions of legitimacy and bias. A screenshot, on the other hand, is a widely accepted form of proof; a doctored screenshot is easy to identify as well. As the cynical saying goes, "Screenshot or it didn't happen."

As such, if you ever feel that an edit may be questioned, it's a good idea to provide screenshots as evidence even before it is disputed. Use your own discretion to decide what is and isn't easily accepted:

  • Claiming that a Hidden Stash dropped an Elemental Sword is outrageous, and screenshots would be necessary to prove it.
  • Claiming that there is a bug in some quest or mission is borderline, and while most of these sorts of claims are correct, it is still useful to provide proof.
  • Claiming that some monster drops a Ruby is not an issue, since all monsters in the game can theoretically drop them.

Whenever there is a reasonable doubt about the truth of a new claim, it is a good idea to politely and civilly request screenshots for evidence. Note that breaking No Personal Attacks in the name of "seeking truth" is not acceptable, no matter how outrageous the claim. "Always assume your fellow editors are working for the betterment of the wiki, and act to assist them when you can," as assume good faith says. While this clearly doesn't mean you must ask a vandal to provide screenshots proving "roorik drops an IDS laalz" before reverting the edit, remember that no one is universally knowledgeable about Guild Wars, and strange things do happen.