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The Build: namespace of GuildWiki is used to document Flavor of the Month (FotM) PvE & PvP builds and easily verifiable PvE builds (running, farming and high level builds). All 'original' builds must reside in the user name space, and will be treated like anything else in the user name space. Easy categorisation for builds in the user name space is provided for those who want to play with build ideas.


  • No popular build has ever originated from GuildWiki. Popular builds are formed elsewhere.
  • A wiki is best used for documenting.
  • Some users want to play with build ideas so it is allowed, but kept in user name space to keep it out of sight for those who don't like it.
  • Some users will create rules how others can contribute build ideas in their user name space, which allows users to concentrate their builds in the name spaces of a few users and gives users the ability to choose which users rules they want to follow.

The build namespace[edit source]

  • The build namespace is there to document popular builds, not to be a bed for development.
  • 'Original' builds will be moved to userspace, where the author is in charge of it. The author can use the {{user build}} template on their build to attract people to test it and give feedback, and to categorise their build.
  • No voting will take place in the build name space and builds will not be evolved there. The builds section is pure documentation of popular builds, working exactly like documenting the game in the main name space. This also means that no one 'owns' a build article like with the previous policy. Build articles are formed through discussion on the talk page.

Criteria for allowed guides and builds[edit source]

Guides, allowed in the main name space[edit source]

  • Profession guides: Guides for specific professions and their usual roles.
  • Role guides: Guides for specific roles in the game such as 55hp tanking, trapping and minion masters. The roles are rarely profession specific.

Guides for all kinds of roles are allowed, even if the build articles for such roles aren't. The guide must still be informative and consist of correct information.

Popular builds, allowed in the builds name space[edit source]

  • Guild Battles: If deemed popular and successful with observer mode. A full team build of 8 players or a working smaller part of a team.
  • Heroes' Ascent: If deemed popular and successful with Hall of Heroes observer mode and top 100 observer mode (for Global Tournament). A full team build of 8 players or a working smaller part of a team.
  • Team Arenas and Alliance Battles: If deemed popular and successful by playing in the Team Arenas/Alliance Battles. A full team build of 4 players or a working smaller part of a team.
  • PvE farming and running: If deemed successful, optimal and is designed for a non-trivial task.
  • PvE high level areas: Builds designed for The Fissure of Woe, The Underworld, Urgoz's Warren, The Deep, Domain of Anguish and any similiar high level PvE areas released in the future if deemed popular and successful.

'Original' builds, not allowed in the build name space[edit source]

  • Random Arenas and Competitive Missions: These will be considered 'original' builds, and will be moved to the user name space, aside from obvious FotM builds (eg. Shutdown necromancers, Dragon slashers).
  • General PvE: These will be considered 'original' builds, and will be moved to the user name space, aside from obvious commonplace builds (eg. Minion Masters).
  • Anything made up by the user or not popular and succesfull in the game: These will be considered 'original' builds, and will be moved to the user name space.

Builds in the user name space may be tagged with {{user build}}, which is used to categorise the builds to approppriate categories. Even though the builds exist in the user name space, the template may not be abused to place the builds in unsuitable categories to advertise the build. The categorisation serves as a means for players to submit their build ideas and look for the ideas of other users.

Archived builds[edit source]

Builds that have previously been accepted but are later 'nerfed' due to a change to skill or game mechanics are tagged with {{archived build}} and their categories are changed to categories of archived builds (eg. [:Category:Running builds] -> Category:Archived running builds).

Discussion and acceptance of a build[edit source]

When a build article is posted it is tagged with the {{build under discussion}} template and is immediately open for discussion. Users are encouraged to voice their opinnion on the build and suggest improvements and changes. After a long enough time has passed or there has been a significant amount of users taking part in the discussion, if there is consensus that the build does not belong to the build namespace according to the criteria listed above, the build will be moved to the user name space of the user who submitted the build. If the consensus is to keep the build in the build name space as it meets the criteria, it is tagged with the {{accepted build}} template. This does not mean that the build is complete. Users are encouraged to continue discussion and suggesting improvements to the article. It is important to note that if a build tagged with the accepted build template is changed drastically, the 'accepted build' template has to be changed to the 'build under discussion' template.

Build and guide names[edit source]

Builds should be named according to the name which is used in the game. If no well known name exists, the name must include an important skill or skill combo (usually the elite skill) and the main 'spec' of the build in question. The profession of the character is placed in front of the name, or in the case of team it is marked accordingly.

Guide names must reflect the profession or role discussed in the article. The guide should be named according to the name used in game.

Examples:[edit source]

  • Build:N-Me - Spiteful Spirit nuker
  • Build:Monk - 55hp tank
  • Build:Team - Underworld duo trap
  • 55hp tank guide
  • Minion master guide
  • Trapping guide

Build and guide categorisation[edit source]

Builds and guides should be categorised to all of the categories from the lists below that apply to them.

Build categories[edit source]

  • [:Category:PvP builds]
    • [:Category:GvG builds]
    • [:Category:HA builds]
    • [:Category:TA builds]
    • [:Category:AB builds]
  • [:Category:PvE builds]

Guide categories[edit source]