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The Developers of Guild Wars, like the developers of many other games, have placed various references to pop culture within the skills, quests, etc. of Guild Wars. Many shouts allude to songs and catchphrases, while several quests parallel movies. As a guide to Guild Wars, it is our place to document these references. However, debate will arise as to whether or not certain phrases within the game really are a nod at a certain piece of pop culture. The following guidelines will help neutralize these conflicts.

Sections[edit source]

All references should go in a section named "Trivia".

What constitutes as a reference?[edit source]

A reference, as stated above, is a deliberate attempt by the developers of Guild Wars to allude to some aspect of pop culture. Understandably, some references will be a lot easier to find than others, but a reference must not be too hard to find in the game or be something very obscure.

Speculation[edit source]

All speculation should be avoided on the Main Page. For example, the skill "Help Me!" may very well be a reference to the Nine Inch Nails song "Closer", and it may be Shaq on the icon of "They're on Fire!", but we have no way of knowing for sure. Don't say something is a reference just because it may remind you of it.

Give evidence[edit source]

Don't be afraid to tell us what you think is a reference and why. However, should you do so, be sure to back up your claim. It may not seem obvious at first that Mark of Rodgort is a Homestar reference, but the allusion becomes much more clear once you realize that "Rodgort" is "Trogdor" backwards. That being said, if you cannot give enough evidence to an alleged reference, then chances are it's not a reference.

Consensus[edit source]

Remember, we're all trying to make the wiki a better place (with the exception of vandals.) Tell us your opinion on what you think is or isn't a reference before changing a page. By allowing the community to say whether or not something is a reference or not, you and other wiki members can reach a consensus. If a piece of trivia can't be proved, but the majority of users agree it is probable, it can be placed in the article. However, if consensus is reached deciding to not place it in the article, don't get discouraged! It just means that people don't think it's a very likely reference. Remember, you are valuable and we want to hear what you have to say.

Use the original source[edit source]

Some cultural references are so popular that it can be hard to identify the true "source" of the reference. One example is Rebel Yell - it is the name of a famous song, but the song is actually a pop culture reference in itself. In this case it is best to use the original source; the shout used by the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. If something can be a reference to multiple things, it is best to choose the oldest among them, as that is likely what spawned the rest.

Confirmation[edit source]

Occasionally, it is possible to get a confirmation from ArenaNet about whether a suspected reference is intended or not. The best people to address these types of questions to are Live Team Lead Designer Linsey Murdock, Website Producer Emily Diehl, and Community Manager Regina Buenaobra. When a reference has been confirmed, a link should be included to the posting that confirmed it.