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This article is an obsolete policy proposal. It now exists only for historical purposes, as it influenced many things, including the builds wipe.

It has been shown that the Wiki architecture is not a good way to handle the subjectiveness of builds in GuildWars and what good builds there are on the wiki are being harmed, while some bad builds are being moved into the "favored" categories. Almost nothing else that has happened on the Wiki has caused as much divisiveness as the builds section has. Add to that the fact that skill and game updates can instantly render builds unworkable and it becomes plain that this is a losing proposition for the Wiki.

All current builds should be moved to the user namespace of the user(s) who added the build or into anyone's namespace who wishes to keep said build. One month after the acceptance of this policy, all articles in the Build namespace will be deleted, and any links from articles in the main namespace removed.

Advantages[edit source]

  • Stop all the petty bickering about what is and isn't a good build.
  • Brings the Wiki back to what it handles best: cold, hard facts.

Disadvantages[edit source]

  • Many people have worked very hard on the Builds section.
  • GuildWiki may lose quite a few visitors as players often refer others to the Builds section when forming parties.

Suggested criteria for inclusion[edit source]

  • New builds could still be added, just keep them to the user namespace.
  • Build names that are in the general lexicon of the game (IWAY, SS, 55 monk, etc...) would still have articles in the Glossary category that give short explanations of them.