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This page is to highlight build stubs for people that would like to solicit discussion on their prospective build to have the community help shape the build. This is intended to foster debate and changes to builds to make them stronger before they are submitted to a vote.

Rules for Request for build discussion[edit source]

  • Only build stubs should be linked on this page. If you have moved your build to the untested category then do not link it here.
  • If you would like the community to review your build and comment or propose changes without voting on it then click edit next to the "Discussion Requests" section. Post a link to your build using the following syntax:

For example, if your new build is called "W/any Gallant Soldier", then add the following text to the Discussion Requests section:

[[Build:W/any Gallant Soldier]]

  • Do not post discussion of any build on this page. Use the Discussion section of the actual build.
  • If you are putting your build up for discussion please keep in mind that you will have to take negative comments along with good comments. Be prepared that people may not think the build is even worth discussing. Keep an open mind to suggestions for changes to the build.
  • If you are making comments and suggestions please treat it as if it was your own build. Provide evidence for your comments and suggestions especially if you think a build is not worth further discussion. If someone questions your suggestions please try to explain your reasons in more detail.
  • If you make a debateable suggestion please be prepared to actually test the build and be able to report how the build reacted in direct reference to the testing that you did.
  • If you think there is a similar build that this build would end up duplicating then note the actual name of the build in your comments.
  • Please do not make suggestions that would radically alter the original spirit of the build.