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The SMW pilot program is a pilot test to implement some new technical features and restructure the way certain data is organized, so that the community can get a feel of what the features and organizations proposed would be without reading through paragraphs of technical explaination.

This page, on the other hand, is supposed to explain what is going on. Or at least which pages are impacted and how.

Locations[edit source]

Vabbi-related articles (including Elona) are being converted to using {{Location box2}} for testing purposes. {{Location box}} should still remain on the page but hidden in invisible divs, although due to an oversight that needs to be retroactively restored to most articles.

A temporary category Category:Locations (SMW demo) has been created to categorize the articles currently using {{Location box2}}. Those articles may be edited by a new "edit with form" tab.

One thing the pilot program cannot directly show (without affecting normal wiki operations) is which categories would be removed.

Categories about bounties, categories disambiguated by campaigns (such as Category:Outposts (Nightfall)) and categories designating the "parent" location (such as Category:Vabbi) are proposed to be removed (replaced by equivalent information in semantic properties).

Collateral damage[edit source]

Unrelated to the SMW pilot program itself, but since a separate infobox is being used/tested anyways, is the change in {{Location box2}}'s usage (syntax) compared to the original.

  • It's going to have a new parameter summarizing the list of bounties offered for explorable areas (if applicable), and it will display (without requiring direct input, though this part is incomplete yet) a summarized list of services offered at the location.
  • Many inputs originally requiring wikification will require to NOT be wikified (in the interim both works).

Creatures[edit source]

Vabbi-related and Eye of the North (location)-related creatures as well as a number of Mesmers elsewhere, will be affected by the pilot program next.

Some of the planned changes:

  • A new "Campaign(s)" field.
  • Separation of Profession and "Services". In other words, a Weaponsmith who is a Warrior will no longer have his profession listed as Weaponsmith, but a separate field "Service" will show up instead. Both "Profession" and "Services" will be optional and will not display if they weren't filled in.
  • An optional "Member of" field to denote affiliations with political/military organizations/nations
  • Collectors will have fields related to what item they collect, and the type of rewards (weapon, armor, misc).
  • A "location(s)" box area in the infobox.
  • Special drops

See also[edit source]

  • GW:SMW - a slightly fuller description (and more see alsos) on the main SMW project that this pilot program seeks to demonstrate.
  • SemanticGuildWiki - An sandbox for more experimental stuff