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GuildWiki:Skin Rarity Project

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This is a proposed project to give a rarity rating to skins found around the game.

How To[edit source]

When you have knowledge of a general rarity of a weapon or offhand skin, you may attribute a two-number range rarity rating to the skin, ranging from 1 (a very common weapon skin) to 10 (a very rare skin). These numbers should be a two number range (1-2, 4-6, etc) to gain a note of consensus among the community as to the rating. A single number would be frequently changed.

This rating should be listed just below the picture in between the weapon details and the salvage information. As such, the box should be expanded. A color code should possibly be introduced as this project commences, with dark blue being a common weapon and bright red being a rare weapon. Should a color code be adopted, it should specifically avoid the light blue, purple and green colors to prevent confusion. The color code and the colors of it are only a suggestion.

Accomplishing this would have to start by expanding the Template:Weapon qr top which would allow for the addition of the rarity rating.

Stub categories and related style and formatting pages[edit source]

Template:Weapon qr top - Guildwiki:Editing Guide

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Categories:Weapon Stubs

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