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This is the Spring 2007 GuildWiki status report. Every season, we will attempt to provide our users with meaningful statistics about our website as well as commentary about what these statistics mean. Please note that these data are aggregate over all of the GameWikis, but that the GuildWiki comprises at least 98% of our traffic.

Data[edit source]

Percentage change is from the previous month. Percentage change for the season is from the previous season.

Bandwidth usage Hits Unique Visitors
March 2007 2525.71 GB (+20.5%) 444,835,603 (+17.8%) 787,423 (+9.3%)
April 2007 2953.13 GB (+17.0%) 482,396,059 (+8.4%) 828,406 (+5.2%)
May 2007 2192.11 GB (-25.7%) 379,941,271 (-21.2%) 742,548 (-10.4%)
Spring 2007 Totals 7670.95 GB (+11.2%) 1,307,712,933 (+5.1%) (unknown)

Even with the introduction of the official Guild Wars wiki and the builds wipe, we had more traffic in the last three months than in the previous three.

Miscellany[edit source]

Operating systems[edit source]

Microsoft Windows 98.0%
Macintosh 0.5%
Linux 0.3%

As Windows is the Operating system that Guild Wars runs on, it makes sense that it is the preferred visiting platform.

Web browsers[edit source]

Internet Explorer 60.8%
Firefox 31.8%
Opera 3.0%
Mozilla 2.7%
wget 0.5%
Netscape 0.5%
Safari 0.3%

The wget percentage seems quite high. We expect that this is due to the builds wipe, as many people wrote scripts to make their own local copies of the builds before the database dumps were provided.