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We have quick access links over on the side menu but many users are unaware of them. Additionally, the could include more info and many of the pages should be updated.


  • Update and cross check accuracy.
  • Make sortable columns for the weapons
  • Add links to other quick reference (QR) pages such as Inflict bleeding skills quick reference which can be very useful but many casual users don't know about.
  • Increase visibility
  • Improve the visibility on that page (links and text is unusually small there)
  • Make sure various QRs are referenced on pages that are relevant (skills that inflict bleeding all have a link to the QR)
  • Fix notes on QRs to be more concise and uniform. Exclude green numbers (scalable values in skill descriptions) from the notes. Try to stick to info directly related to the specific QR.
  • Switch the skill descriptions in QRs that have the full description to use the concise.
  • Make QRs sortable by various values including profession, attribute, activation/recharge time, cost, etc. One of the greatest values of the QRs is using them to pick the best option to inflict a condition, remove an enchantment, etc.

Pros and Cons[edit source]

Pros[edit source]

  1. Having out of date information is frustrating and discourages users from using the wiki. Updating information is vital to not only maintaining the integrity of our data but also in encouraging use of this wiki.
  2. Improve access to the useful resources we offer.
  3. Improve awareness of same

Cons[edit source]

  1. Updating and cross checking the info is both tedious and requires running around in game to do the work.
  2. Most of the work has to be done by hand.
  3. Work of redesigning the quick access links page.

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