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GuildWiki, as you know, is the English branch of Wikia's Guild Wars gaming project. There are many variants of this wiki about in a multitude of languages, but most pages of GuildWiki dont propose a link to the translations of those pages on the foreign wikis.

Despite the licenses of others wikis being GFDL, Angela has requested a fews months ago to establish a firmer relationship between this wiki and the foreign counterparts, especially the French wiki, where I am a bureaucrat (and also creator). Our French wiki already has links to other languages on almost every page because we are using an I18n template that lists the various names of each element (skills, object, pnj, etc). All our templates have a parameter for each of the languages that Wikia has created an outlet for.

The problem might be that most English-speaking people here on GuildWiki dont know the names of skills, pnj and such in any other languages. But I'm sure there's already many GuildWiki contributors that speak a language that is not English natively.

Like I said, the French Guild Wars Wiki has already integrated a I18n template that takes care of inter-wiki linking. I would say that you just have to look the code and reproduce it in your own way but maybe I may be able to convince the author to rewrite it here in a way that will relicense it for GuildWiki usage.

What links where[edit source]

Interlanguage links must be configured into the wiki. We probably need wikia staff support for that. TulipVorlax, could you explain how you did it for your wiki?

It would be good to have a list of wikis that we want to link to. I'd ask for as many wikis as possible for the languages concerned, provided they're active, and we should prefer wikis with CC BY-NC-SA licenses such as ours because we can interchange content with no license hassles. Please check the wiki statistics (Special:Statistics on this wiki) to ensure that the wiki we link to is active.

Please add to the table below.

Wikis about Guild Wars[edit source]

license wiki notes
en CC BY-NC-SA GuildWiki
en GFDL official wiki
de CC BY-NC-SA German GuildWiki
de GFDL 27 legitimate content pages, largely inactive
es GFDL no content
fr GFDL TulipVorlax edits here
it CC BY-NC-SA ve ne sono 1.208 di contenuti veri e propri - not very active
GFDL no content to speak of
nl GFDL no content to speak of
pl GFDL no content to speak of
GFDL no content to speak of