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GuildWiki:Suggestions/In-line crafting material icons

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Here on GuildWiki, whenever we list the crafting cost for weapons/armor, we've always used plain-text piped links to denote the crafting materials, like this:

In-game, though, all crafters show the materials with an icon after the number. The name of the material appears as a tooltip when you hove the mouse pointer over the icon:

  • 10 Iron Ingot(s) 5 Monstrous Fang(s)

GWW does it this way, for the same reason. They use a template for each icon that has the size and alt text parameters hard-coded.

I think we should also change to follow the in-game display method, creating similar templates to GWW for in-line crafting material icons. We could improve a little bit on GWW's implementation by allowing the icon's height to be a parameter to the template, defaulting to 25px tall when no parameter is given.

See Arthur Ayala for a minimal example of what this might look like on a weaponsmith.

Example template: {{cloth| height}}

  • {{cloth}}Bolt(s) of Cloth
  • {{cloth|10}}Bolt(s) of Cloth
  • {{cloth|100}}Bolt(s) of Cloth

Pros[edit source]

  • Would greatly increase the readability of the material cost column in crafting tables. Different pictures are always easier to distinguish than different words that are formatted identically.
  • Would also greatly reduce the space required for the material cells. While the difference in width between a text link and an icon would be small for a single material, nearly all crafting requires multiple materials, and the space savings would add up.
  • Would make it easier to edit crafting costs, as small templates {{Dsteel}} are easier to work with than piped links [[Deldrimor Steel Ingot|D. Steel]]. Of course, it shouldn't be necessary to edit crafting costs anymore, as they will probably never change.

Cons[edit source]

  • Would require a lot of work to reformat all pages that contain armor or weapon crafting costs, including armor art pages, weaponsmith pages, perfect stat weapon pages, etc.
    • Of course, it wouldn't be necessary to reformat everything, and it wouldn't have to be completed immediately.
    • I am beginning a project to ensure consistent template usage on armor galleries, and will also be reformatting all weaponsmith tables in the near future, so I can take care of much of this at the same time.

Issues[edit source]

  • The utility program that resizes images in our wiki (not sure if we're still using the default ImageMagick or not) has trouble with .png files - sometimes transparent backgrounds will come out as black when resized, like Wood Plank.png. This means that we couldn't rely on the wiki engine to resize the icons automatically. Someone would have to resize the icons manually, then upload them with the height denoted in the name, like Wood Plank 19px.png. These images would then have to redirect to the crafting material's article.
    • This is not as much of an issue for users who browse with IE, as they always see gray backgrounds on transparent .pngs anyway.
    • Common materials:
      • Bolt(s) of Cloth
      • Bone(s)
      • Chitin Fragment(s)
      • Feather(s)
      • Granite Slab(s)
      • Iron Ingot(s)
      • Pile(s) of Glittering Dust
      • Plant Fiber(s)
      • Scale(s)
      • Tanned Hide Square(s)
      • Wood Plank(s)
    • Rare materials:
      • Amber Chunk(s)
      • Bolt(s) of Damask
      • Bolt(s) of Linen
      • Bolt(s) of Silk
      • Deldrimor Steel Ingot(s)
      • Diamond(s)
      • Elonian Leather Square(s)
      • Fur Square(s)
      • Glob(s) of Ectoplasm
      • Jadeite Shard(s)
      • Leather Square(s)
      • Lump(s) of Charcoal
      • Monstrous Claw(s)
      • Monstrous Eye(s)
      • Monstrous Fang(s)
      • Obsidian Shard(s)
      • Onyx Gemstone(s)
      • Roll(s) of Parchment
      • Roll(s) of Vellum
      • Ruby(s)
      • Sapphire(s)
      • Spiritwood Plank(s)
      • Steel Ingot(s)
      • Tempered Glass Vial(s)
      • Vial(s) of Ink
  • No icon has incorrect transparency when resized to 25px tall, so this is a non-issue.