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Information on Guild Wars Official Soundtrack (OST) (it is really beautiful, compared to other games, don't get why there is not even a page about it). I wonder for instance what is the song playing in some battles (in Fronis Irontoe's lair).

Goals[edit source]

  • To add what music is playing in the town or explorable area.
  • A new page for the OST telling where or when a song is played.
  • add tracks to Location infobox?

Comments[edit source]

  • The music varies, I think it works on set pieces - for example pre searing plays "eye of the storm", "lakeside county" - Riverside County if you have BP1 - it also depends weather you have the battle paks or downloaded from directsong (there are a couple of bonus tracks missing from the CD when you download from DS) - I'd suggest a page called music which compiles some of this data (yes, I am a GW music whore) RandomTime 19:11, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Action[edit source]