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GuildWiki:Suggestions/PvP mode

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There are skills which have been split off into PvP skills and there are abbreviations which mean completely different things in PvE and PvP (SoC is Song of Concentration in PvP and Signet of Capture in PvE). Many of the qrs (quick references; they list things like skills which apply cracked armor) only list the PvE versions of skills and also include PvE-only skills. A PvP player would not be interested in the PvE things and only wants to find out about things that they can use in PvP.

If we can provide a setting or a script which would allow a PvP player to only show PvP content, that would be quite useful. Searches automatically go to the PvP version of the skill, qrs only list PvP skills, disambig pages on things like SoC just go right to the PvP version.

Pros and Cons[edit source]

Pros[edit source]

  1. Very useful
  2. Encourage PvP players to look up things on this wiki rather than the other wiki
  3. Makes the wiki more accurately reflect the game mechanics

Cons[edit source]

  1. Very difficult to implement
  2. Not really a new thing that would encourage new contributors