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GuildWiki:Suggestions/skills history

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There should be a easy-accessible history of each skill, showing dates and changes ocurred. Skill discussion should be synchronized with this.

For a player new to GuildWars who reads the skill discussions it is often hard to get the point of some strategies/synergies due to the absence of such information.

For example, skill discussion could have

  • <skill change date>
  • <skill description>
  • <discussion>
  • <skill end date> (update date)
  • <reasons to this(if any)> (eg, shocwave cast time nerf to avoid overpower in pve)
  • <skill change date>
  • <new skill description>


Old Skill Versions[edit source]

Create a way to look at old versions of a skill after major changes in a skills function, such as the changes to Vow Of Strength and other skills in the update a few months ago. Maybe create a link to the latest version of the skill before the function change, or add a tag to the latest pre update version on the history page.

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